Seabury Charitable Foundation

Enhancing Lives through the Spirit of Generosity

Enhancing Lives through the Spirit of Generosity is the corps of our vision. Our purpose was and is to ensure that any Seabury resident who runs out of funds for no fault of their own will always be provided benevolent support by the Foundation. With a sense of confidence, we now pivot our mission to focus on strategic priorities and initiatives of Seabury, Inc. as well.

Our goal is to ensure the Seabury experience is all that it can be. Please join us. Your thoughtful generosity will make a difference.

Seabury Staff COVID-19 Gratitude Fund

During these troubled times, we have wondered what can be done to aid Seabury? How can we significantly acknowledge the devotion and sacrifices of Seabury’s staff?

Accordingly, The Seabury Charitable Foundation has launched the Seabury Staff COVID-19 Gratitude Fund in recognition of the Seabury staff’s work on the front lines of this crisis, juggling multiple roles as they keep their families well, home-school their children, and aggressively work to protect Seabury residents from the outbreak.

We invite you to consider making a contribution to the Seabury Charitable Foundation and we, in turn, will work with Renée J. Bernasconi and her team to equitably distribute those funds to the staff. We hope that such stipends will provide a small measure of assistance and thanks to the staff for their gallant efforts. We are all in this together.


2019/2020 Board Members

  • Chair: The Rev. Erl G. Purnell
  • Vice Chair: Gale A. Mattison
  • President: Renée J. Bernasconi
  • Secretary & Treasurer: Marian Moore
  • Members: Raymond Madorin, James Trail, Susan Sappington


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Why Give?

Seabury community members exhibit passion and joy as they participate in the care of others as well as many projects and activities on campus.

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Ways To Give

Join the John S. Mobley Society or the Seabury Legacy Society by contacting the Foundation office at 860-243-6026. Explore all the opportunities to join us in underwriting the present and future of Seabury!

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Gifts & Donations

Seabury Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Regardless of the size, all gifts make an impact and can be contributed in many ways.

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Endowment for Seabury Charitable Foundation

Your Spirit of Generosity allows the Foundation to fund Benevolent Care and Community Enhancements into the future.

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Seabury Legacy Society

Our shared Spirit of Generosity focused on making a vibrant community available to future generations can continue through your legacy.


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