Why Life Plan Communities Are a Smart Choice for Couples


Nestled in the heart of life plan communities lies a sanctuary designed with the golden year in mind. These communities offer not just a place to live but a promise — a promise of a continuum of care, companionship, and unwavering support. Choosing to move into a Life Plan community can be a smart decision for couples looking to plan for their future together for various reasons.


What Are Life Plan Communities?

Before making any decisions, it’s essential to understand what a Life Plan community is. Also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), a life plan community is a residential community designed primarily for older adults, offering a continuum of care. The idea behind these communities is to provide residents with housing and various medical or personal care services based on their changed needs in one location. 


Life Plan Communities Offer Multiple Advantages for Couples

Life Plan communities can be a smart choice for couples considering their housing options. They offer practical housing and healthcare solutions and provide an environment where couples can thrive socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Here are a few of the reasons why Life Plan communities are an excellent option for couples:

  • Seamless Transition to Different Levels of Care

When you join the community, you sign a contract ensuring you’ll receive the appropriate care and services as your needs change over time, including access to:

  • Independent living homes or apartments
  • On-site assisted living facilities 
  • Skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services

As couples age, their health and care needs may differ. One partner may need assisted living while the other remains independent. One of the main benefits of Life Plan communities is that they offer a continuum of care, ensuring both partners can stay in the same community even if their needs diverge. 

Residing in a Life Plan community enables couples to navigate these transitions without the stress of searching for new accommodations or dealing with the upheaval of a move. Knowing care is guaranteed for both you and your partner and that you can remain together in the same community can provide tremendous peace of mind. 


  • Built-In Community

Life Plan communities are designed to foster community connections and engagement. Staying socially connected is vital for mental well-being. Life Plan communities offer a vibrant environment where couples can nurture new friendships, engage in various activities, and remain associated with their peers. You’ll be surrounded by peers and access a robust calendar of social activities and events, including clubs, classes, volunteer groups, parties, and more, to help combat isolation and loneliness. You’ll also have colleagues and friends going through similar life stages down the hall. The built-in sense of community can provide a helpful social support system.


  • Convenience and Amenities

Most Life Plan communities offer a resort-like campus with many amenities and convenient services. You’ll find things like restaurants, fitness centers, pools, salons, libraries, and more, all right where you live. Some even offer amenities like workshops, computer centers, gardening spaces, game rooms, and educational programs.The maintenance-free living and convenience simplify day-to-day life while providing opportunities for an active lifestyle. The amenities also make it easy for couples to enjoy quality time together.


  • Cost Certainty

Life Plan communities provide cost certainty and allow couples to fix and cap expenses as they age. When you join the community, you pay an entrance fee and a monthly fee that controls the cost of housing, services, amenities, and future healthcare, making budgeting much easier.The communities operate on a continuum of care model, meaning expenses remain essentially unchanged if more care is needed. With built-in peace of mind around costs, couples can enjoy their retirement without financial worries.


  • Safety and Security

Safety is paramount as we age; Life Plan communities are often equipped with security personnel, emergency response systems, and well-maintained infrastructure to ensure residents’ safety, which provides couples with peace of mind.


  • Maintenance-Free Living

Say goodbye to yard work, home repairs, and multiple other chores! Life Plan communities handle all maintenance tasks, giving couples more time to relax and enjoy life.Overall, the guaranteed lifetime care, built-in community, convenient amenities, and cost control provided by Life Plan communities offer significant benefits tailored to couples. As you plan your next chapter together, explore if a life plan community is your choice.


Seabury Offers a Vital and Connected Community for Seniors

Seabury is at the forefront of redefining senior living, emphasizing care and community. Our focus on fostering a sense of belonging ensures seniors lead fulfilling, connected lives. 

Seabury is a CARF-accredited, 5-star nursing home providing peaceful living opportunities for adults ages 50 and over. Our philosophy centers on our residents’ physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.


Living options range from independent apartments and villas to cottages. Our continuum of care model is designed to make Residents’ lives as comfortable as possible. Your Life Plan Contract at Seabury also includes, should you require it in the future, a transition to assisted living, enhanced living, and nursing care services for the same monthly fee. Contact us today for more information!