If you don’t care to drive, trains, buses and planes are readily available for every kind of sightseeing opportunity. From Boston to New York, from the Connecticut shore to the lovely Rhode Island and Cape Cod shores, from the western hills of Connecticut and Massachusetts to the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire and up to the rocky coast of Maine, New England shows its beauty through all four seasons. We invite you to come and enjoy!

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In-House TV Channel
Welcome to Seabury's Channel 918

Seabury Residents tune in to channel 918 through their television for information about special events, the week's calendar of activities, dining menus, etc.

The Seabury TV Channel is particularly useful during periods of severe weather, or at other times when immediate Seabury information is of importance.

To learn about the communications platform that is used, please visit Status Solutions and Catie Web for more information.