Seabury’s Response To COVID-19/Coronavirus

Seabury Weekly Services Schedule

Updated: May 19, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents, Seabury At Home Members and Families

We hope all is well and you’re enjoying the lovely weather. We have many positive items to report today, including the following:

  • Skilled Nursing completed the first round of Point Prevalence Survey (PPS) Testing, and established appropriate cohorting based on test results.
  • The Views completed the first round of Point Prevalence Survey Testing. All asymptomatic tests completed last week returned with negative results.
  • Meadows is still negative, and PPS testing will occur this week.
  • Independent Living residents will be tested this week, based on additional precautions taken and an effort to open a few outdoor activities possibly.

As with any new testing or new positive tests, we all make assumptions on how employees and residents have been exposed. It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint exposure to the degree that we would prefer and can be comfortable with at this time. We have employees and residents that leave campus, and however careful one is with “contactless” behavior, no one truly knows enough about how this virus spreads.

Last week, we celebrated our second graduate from the isolation unit in Skilled Nursing. Please see the Seabury Facebook page for the video and photo! Click here to see!

We are excited to announce we expect several more individuals to graduate from the COVID isolation unit and move back to their homes this week! Our heartfelt thanks to the Seabury Heroes for making this possible!

COVID Disaster Fund Update:
The Seabury Staff Disaster (COVID) Gratitude Fund has drawn approximately $31k. Again, our thanks to those who have contributed, and we are encouraging those who have not to consider a gift at this time. Thank you!

Carillons & Celebration of Staff:
A recommendation has been made by and to several members of the Board of Directors to honor Seabury staff by featuring a more glorious carillon bell ringing at 3 PM. This would be performed every day in recognition of and as a symbol of our community’s gratitude and appreciation for our dedicated staff. This would be similar to Seabury’s mid-afternoon celebration last month, but in concert with the carillons. The 7 PM carillon selection would be more reflective. Jim Trail and Nancy Kline are making bell ringing selections. New Carillon speakers will be added to the top of the pool roof to ensure all can enjoy the carillon bells. More to come!

Testing Data:
Active cases = 41
Total tested = 173 (testing symptomatic and asymptomatic residents)

  • 59 positive (12 deaths, 28 active in skilled, 4 in hospital, 9 in The Views assisted living, 2 Graduates, 4 pending)
  • 94 negative
  • 18 pending
  • 2 inconclusive

Cumulative COVID Positive – 59

  • Independent – 7
  • Skilled – 33
  • Views – 19
  • Meadows – 0

COVID Deaths – 12 (included in 59)

  • Independent – 1
  • Skilled – 8
  • Views – 3
  • Meadows – 0

Please note, the numbers above do not include the continued retesting of residents for clearance. We’ve re-tested 42 times and will continue the practice until we can clear all active cases and return residents back to their homes.

East Wing:
The COVID Team has received many emails about possible COVID-19 cases in the East Wing. Please note, we have three confirmed COVID cases spread between two homes. We understand this is a concerning development. Let’s begin by reviewing the facts and how we are proceeding.

All impacted parties have been asked to isolate for two weeks, which includes no walks outdoors. All three residents have been placed under the care of Seabury Visiting Nurses. They have elected to stay in their own homes to see through the illness, as long as that remains medically appropriate.

We strongly recommend that you continue your vigilance, and as noted on many occasions, you must treat everyone as if they have COVID. As you know, the virus spreads through asymptomatic and symptomatic carriers. Please remain home as much as possible, continue to wash and sanitize your hands often, and always wear a face-covering when you’re not in your residence. Also, keep your distance from each other.

In regards to increased sanitizing, all floors will continue to receive carpet cleanings several times a week, in addition to constant wiping down of handrails, elevators, and elevator buttons. The impacted homes have been set up with air scrubbers that process and clean air particles four times per hour, similar to the isolation rooms in Skilled and The Views. These scrubbers have proven to be very effective in our healthcare areas, and there is no exhaust and no risk involved. The scrubber pulls the infected air in from the room and ionizes it with ultraviolet light. The Ion Generating Ultraviolet Air Scrubber includes a better-than HEPA air filtration system.

We have no concerns about this virus spreading through the HVAC system in the East Wing. By design, this system is exhaust-only that travels out through the roof.

Widespread Testing:
Given the recent cases, we will schedule testing for those in the East Wing. All lab requisitions have been completed and Seabury Visiting Nurses will call to schedule appointments.

We have begun to test our asymptomatic employees. It is our goal to complete testing in a phased approach. If the staff is positive, the CDC requirements for returning to work are ten days after a positive test. Employees continue to wear personal protective equipment in all areas and departments. We have continued oversight by the Department of Public Health for infectious control protocols.

Resident Council:
As discussed during the virtual Council meeting, Seabury will consider cautiously reopening certain activities on the campus. Everyone’s health and safety remain our number one concern, and all plans will be carefully reviewed by the COVID Team. Please present reopening proposals for each area of interest to the COVID Team. All plans must include the following:

  • COVID-19 asymptomatic testing of all residents involved.
  • Face masks and or face shields must be worn at all times.
  • No more than 5 people in any gathering.
  • Social distancing must be maintained.
  • Disinfecting protocols.
  • Contactless activities; use of gloves (if appropriate).

The Fitness Team has been tested (all negative) and we will test independent residents that have signed up for personal training and those interested in the use of the gym spaces (by appointment only) or outdoor fitness classes. All plans are being considered and planned for.

As with Fitness, COVID testing will be completed on all pickleball players through Seabury Visiting Nurses. The COVID Team is reviewing all other recommendations before playing can resume.

Walking Challenge:
As if there was any doubt, week eight was our best week yet. Again, with 90% (36/40) of walkers reporting their miles and steps this week, Team Seabury walked a tremendous 665.82 miles! This gives Team Seabury an eight-week total of 4557.62 miles. Amazing!

This week has brought excellent walking weather so keep up your daily routine and enjoy the sunshine! Remember, there are a few workout videos posted on YouTube and 920. Follow along with those workouts as much as you can and be on the lookout for additional information about fitness activities in the coming weeks.

Storage Access:
The team will review protocols for accessing storage areas. A message was placed on Ch. 918 yesterday – asking for interested parties to email Tiffany Smith, She will build a schedule, by wing and floor, based on the requests she receives. We will create protocols for using available carts and how all items will be sanitized between each use.

Clinic Medical Appointments:
We are currently reviewing podiatry services and MD appointments in the Clinic. The appointments would be spaced apart so that no one is in the waiting room together, and everyone, when they arrive, would be reviewed for symptoms and temperature and must wear a mask. More to come.

Chaplain Jenn is planning a memorial service. More to come.

Duck Crossing:
We are delighted to report that we have a family of ducks in the TOS courtyard. A mother duck and five hatchlings so far, and upon further investigation, we found there are several more eggs that will hopefully hatch this week! All are successfully sheltering in place! We’ll continue following the progress of the new family and put up periodic posts to Facebook and Connected Living.

Last call for Wow’s:
Thank you for all your submissions, we have a great May “Wow” document almost ready for publishing. Please submit final WOWs, by email or note, by Thursday, May 21 to Tina DuPont

Please do not hesitate to contact Seabury’s COVID Team with questions or concerns you may have. The COVID Team is responding to emails as they are received 7-days a week. As noted, continue to check for the latest information.

We look forward to imagining our new normal together, keeping everyone safe and happy (while 6-feet apart)!

Thank you!!

Seabury Executive Team


Updated: May 12, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents, Seabury At Home Members and Families

We are pleased to begin this report by celebrating our first graduate from the positive COVID wing this past weekend and will be celebrating up to five (5) graduates this week! These recoveries are so gratifying for families, our staff, and for all of you!

COVID Testing – Residents and Employees:
Early on in this pandemic, the priority was to test hospitalized patients. Now, there’s a growing recognition that it’s also essential to test in higher-risk communities, where there may be people infected who may not be symptomatic.

As you know, Seabury instituted widespread testing across Skilled Nursing, The Views, and The Meadows based on the availability of tests.

Seabury completed the testing in Skilled Nursing and, having received the final results yesterday, we will further cohort Healthcare Residents into three separate areas; COVID Positive, COVID Negative and Persons Under Investigation. The second round of testing in Skilled Nursing will be completed using Point Prevalence Surveying (PPS) testing in the near future.

During a WebEx meeting on Saturday, May 9, with the Department of Public Health (DPH) and Members of the National Guard, CT nursing homes will have to test all residents by the end of May. The State of CT has an increased supply of tests and a guaranteed and rapid turn-around-time to accommodate this demand.

Seabury contacted DPH on Monday to be first in line for mass testing on campus. An official from the State of CT applauded our efforts and noted an Epidemiologist from the Department of Public Health would contact us immediately to assess our readiness (ability to cohort and take care of additional cases).

Our goal is to complete all asymptomatic testing in Assisted Living (Views and Meadows) over the next two weeks.
If it is possible, we hope to have tests available for Residents in Independent Living by the end of May.

As resources allow, we will consider testing all staff. Resident PPS is the priority and will not be delayed while planning for staff testing. To date, nearly 59 employees have been tested through their own providers or designated testing sites off campus, with a near 1:1 positive to negative ratio. Many employees who contracted COVID have recovered and returned back to work during this two month period.

Testing Data:
Active cases = 37
Total tested = 114 (please note, we are testing symptomatic and asymptomatic residents)

  • 50 positive (1 graduate, 29 active in skilled, 4 in hospital, 4 active in The Views assisted living, 12 deaths)
  • 59 negative
  • 3 pending
  • 2 inconclusive

Cumulative COVID Positive – 50

  • Independent – 4
  • Skilled – 32
  • Views – 14
  • Meadows – 0

COVID Deaths – 12 (included in 50)

  • Independent – 1
  • Skilled – 8
  • Views – 3
  • Meadows – 0

Antibody Testing:
The Executive Team has been tested through Quest Diagnostics (Hartford Healthcare Partner) as a trial to determine the viability of antibody testing for our workforce. The data showed that one-of-nine of us are carrying antibodies for COVID. Two (2) results are pending, and six (6) members of the team were negative for antibodies. This is consistent with the fact that we knew one (1) member tested positive and went through the COVID illness during the last two months. Seabury has placed an order for antibody tests that are awaiting Emergency Authorization Approval (EAU) from the FDA.

DPH Visits/ Members of the National Guard:
Leading up to our call this past Saturday to discuss mandated testing for all residents in nursing homes, the Department of Public Health and several members of the National Guard visited Skilled Nursing and The Views. The purposes of the visit were to assess our infection control protocol, personal protective equipment (PPE) supply and use, staffing levels, contingency staffing plan, staff morale, and the reporting of cases to all Seabury constituents. No concerns were found in either area!

Our most profound appreciation and thanks again go to our healthcare heroes on the Seabury campus!

COVID Disaster Fund Update:
The Seabury Charitable Foundation Board of Directors developed a new, redefined purpose that will align with Seabury’s strategic plan and initiatives. Please note that this mission still includes resources to those Residents who experience financial hardship through no fault of their own.

The Seabury Staff Disaster (COVID) Gratitude Fund has drawn approximately $24k. A heartfelt thank you to those who have contributed. We are encouraging those who have not to consider a gift at this time! Thank you!

Monthly Statement:
The May monthly statements were delivered late last week. Many have already submitted payment through the ground team. We will make a formal pass through all apartments and cottages on Wednesday, May 13, for anyone that would like to submit payment this week. We are aware that not everyone will be ready for pickup tomorrow and will continue to help with that process throughout the month.

PPP/Seabury Workforce:
Seabury was approved for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) on 4/28. PPP provided $3.2M on 5/12 and funds will be used to cover payroll and debt service, while Seabury will stabilize its financial health in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. This loan could be forgiven if certain conditions are met, and we expect to meet those conditions.

The debt service coverage ratio for three months ended 3/31/20 was 1.23 out of 1.20 required.

Days Cash on Hand as of 3/31/20 is 202, out of 180 required.

Fitch published an annual rating report on 5/6/2020, maintaining the BB rating and an overall positive outlook despite the current COVID-19 pandemic. Please click on the link and read the report.

All staff under the Shared Work Program will return to their regular hours as scheduled, including most of those who were furloughed. We will stagger office hours for safety and will continue to allow work from home options where possible.

Tax Update:
Thank you for participating in a letter-writing campaign in March and early April to the Bloomfield Mayor and Town Council.

  • The Pre-Trial Hearing scheduled for April 21, 2020, was canceled when the Court system closed due to the pandemic. The Judge did not respond to our request to set the Trial date (likely due to the closing of court).
  • Due to COVID, our attorney requested an extension relative to the April 10 delivery of Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents.
  • Governor Lamont’s Executive Order provides property tax relief for individuals and businesses if they can attest that they have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. Municipalities have the option to elect a Deferment Program, Low-Interest Rate Program, or both. The Town of Bloomfield elected both programs. Seabury is considering the Deferment program, which allows us to defer the June 2020 tax payment by 90 days (without grace period).

Campus activities:

  • Please keep in mind that Seabury falls within Phase 3 of the Governor’s Reopening Plan, which involves easing of restrictions on a gradual and cautious basis. Those 65+ and older or with high-risk factors are encouraged to stay home.
  • Residents and staff will be required to wear face masks.
  • We will reopen Seabury in a phased, proactive approach that safeguards the health of all residents and staff. Our strategy will rely on testing, public health guidance and the ability to manage logistics from an operational perspective.
  • We have received emails from representatives of various activities (e.g., pickle ball, library, woodshop, Encore, etc.) and need a comprehensive, campus-wide plan before we begin a phased reopening. Reopening will include new processes for scheduling, capacity monitoring, sanitation and use of masks and other personal protective equipment. We ask that each group submit a proposal for opening their areas. Fitness and outside activities will be reviewed first.


  • The fitness team has been reaching out to all residents who have shared an interest in personal training and gym use. A schedule is being completed this week, and we hope to open with limited access soon.
  • We will establish a new process for this first residential area of campus that we’re opening. We will move to test the fitness staff and all the residents that have expressed interest in personal training and use of the gyms.
  • If you are interested and have not communicated with the team yet, please do so via email at
  • Brian’s functional strength video and Kirsten’s chair yoga will soon be airing on CH 918 beginning Thursday, 5/14. The classes will be Brian at 9:00 AM and Kirsten at 10:00 AM daily.
  • Thai Chi video is also being filmed today and will move into the rotation at the end of the week. All videos can also be accessed on the resident’s portal.

The Resident Association will develop a virtual or contactless process for Encore and present to Administration.

Seabury At Home Building Lease:
The former Seabury At Home Building (located at 222 Wintonbury Ave) is entering a 5-year lease beginning May 15, 2020, with Cattleya, a for-profit, Connecticut based services agency for people of all ages with disabilities. Amodio & Co. listed the property and negotiated an “as-is” lease. Cattleya intends to make significant improvements at their cost (all to be pre-approved by Seabury). We believe this is a good fit for the property.

Our hearts are full, and we would really like to share the wonderful notes and heartfelt “Wow’s” from all around the campus. We will distribute our May “Wow’s” next week. If you have a “Wow” you’ve been holding onto, please send in via email or hand-written note to

Please do not hesitate to contact Seabury’s COVID Team with questions or concerns you may have. The COVID Team is responding to emails as they are received 7-days a week. As noted, continue to check for the latest information.

We look forward to imagining our new normal together, keeping everyone safe and happy (while 6-feet apart)!

Thank you!

Seabury Executive Team


Updated: May 5, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents, Seabury At Home Members and Families

We hope everyone safely enjoyed the summer-like weather this weekend as it seems warmer days are upon us! As everyone enjoys the sunshine and the beautiful weather, we ask you to please wear your masks for walks outside and keep a reasonable distance (6-feet) from others as you walk or garden.

The heartfelt “thank you” notes that many of you have sent by email or handwritten notes have been incredibly uplifting. We’re collecting and organizing all the letters into a binder and sharing it with staff all around campus. Please keep them coming; we love to hear from you!!

COVID Gratitude Fund:
Thank you to everyone that has already contributed to the Seabury Staff COVID gratitude fund outlined in the May 2020 Seabury Charitable Foundation newsletter. The Seabury Charitable Foundation Board has been at the forefront of this crisis to assure that Seabury Staff is recognized and rewarded for their resolute commitment and dedication to this organization. We all thank you for your support!

COVID Testing:
Our widespread, intensified approach to testing continues as we begin another month. We are testing three categories of residents, including – symptomatic residents, asymptomatic residents, and residents that need a re-test to determine if they are now COVID-negative and can be transferred back to their home. We are seeing an approximate 1:1 ratio of negative to positive results from swab specimens sent to the state lab.
Due to this approach, Seabury’s numbers will likely appear as more significant compared to other communities. Again, increased testing will result in increased confirmed cases, which is attributed to the testing providing new information about existing conditions, not that the virus is spreading faster inside the community.

We will present our test data in the same manner as the Department of Public Health and Connecticut Long Term Care Mutual Aid Plan:

Total tested – 76

  • 34 positive
  • 28 negative
  • 14 pending
  • 8 re-tests (6 pending) – Re-tests are not included in total tested

Cumulative COVID Positive – 34

  • Independent – 4
  • Skilled – 20
  • Views – 10
  • Meadows – 0

COVID Deaths – 8 (included in 34)

  • Independent – 1
  • Skilled – 5
  • Views – 2
  • Meadows – 0

COVID Graduates:
We are hopeful that by the end of this week we will have our first set of graduates from the COVID isolation unit. The residents we’ve identified are stable, no longer symptomatic, and will be tested for a second (in some cases, a third time) before being allowed back to their homes. Even with an additional layer of testing, they will quarantine for 14 days upon their return. We are planning a graduation ceremony, including (Social Distancing) signs, balloons, music, and all-around general fanfare, as we celebrate each of these resident’s incredible resilience and the team that got them through! Kudos to Seabury’s Healthcare Heroes!

Antibody Testing:
As mentioned in our previous communication, the COVID team is pursuing additional information about the spread and management of the virus. We’ve conferred with Quest, a Hartford Healthcare Partner, to develop a plan for antibody testing. For Seabury, widespread antibody testing may also give us a clearer picture of the scope of the disease.

According to the NY TIMES.COM:
Results from random Antibody testing of 3,000 people in New York City suggested that as many as one in five residents — or about 2.7 million people — might have encountered the disease without realizing it. When describing the results, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said that because the rate of infection might be far higher than initially thought; the death rate of the virus might be far lower than we thought.

Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and Shared Work Program:
As we endeavor to balance increasing expenditures related to the surge of medical equipment, the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) and loss of revenue (decreased occupancy), we have sought assistance from state and federal programs.

We are delighted to announce that Seabury has been approved for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which is part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). The federal government is allocating funds to businesses with under 500 employees to help them during the Pandemic to keep everyone employed or bring those that were laid off or furloughed back to work.

The low-interest rate and deferral period are attractive, but the program’s real appeal is that a PPP loan is a “loan” in name only. For the first eight weeks after the loan is granted, any amount the business spends on payroll costs, rent, mortgage interest, and utilities will be forgiven by the lender on a tax-free basis. We hope that the funding will provide a much-needed offset of expenses and losses over the last quarter.

The state’s Shared Work Program, through the Department of Labor, was designed to retain employees and offered an alternative to layoffs by allowing Seabury to temporarily reduce employee hours and supplement lost wages with partial unemployment benefits. We are pleased to note that due to the PPP funding, employees under this program will resume regular hours starting next week. Work duties will vary and are designed to keep employees safely separated from one another.

Campus Loop Road:
On Monday, May 11, we will return to regular traffic at both Main and Service Entrances. Our Security Team will no longer monitor the entrance/exits, and we expect all residents, visitors, and guests to continue keeping travel to a minimum.

This level of precaution and monitoring has served its purpose. We now have a real sense of the traffic coming on- and off-campus, and we’re not finding any alarming trends that would lead us to continue this type of monitoring. Additionally, the number of outdoor activities will only continue to increase in the warmer days ahead, and we would like a clearer, obstacle-free loop road. Last, more Seabury staff will be coming back to campus in the coming weeks, staggered in phases. With that increased traffic, it makes sense to open up both entrances for ease of flow and safety.

Fitness Response/Walking Team:
Following our last communication, we received a good response from residents seeking to resume personal training and structured times to use the gyms in the East and South wings. The Resident Services team is actively developing a schedule based on the response and will look to publish as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please continue to utilize the fitness videos we are posting to the portal and Ch. 920. We are adding a new functional strength video led by Brian Harris. The Seabury Walking Team is still posting excellent numbers. The goal in Week Six was to walk 560 miles as a group. With 90.2% of participants reporting their miles this week, the group accomplished 578.48 miles! This gives Team Seabury a grand total of 3,268.35 miles in just six weeks! Depending on the route you look at on a map, Team Seabury has essentially walked clear across the country. Amazing! For Week Seven, Brian Harris bumped up the goal yet again to 565 miles.

Our upcoming phases of reopening the campus will include allowing SAH Members back to campus for fitness. However, we don’t have a specific time identified yet.

Marketing Update:
The Seabury Marketing team is preparing to bring our marketing business back to campus this month, full-time. We are taking extra measures to ensure this is a safe development, with no exposure for residents and limited contact for staff and prospects.

Cottages 104 and 112 are being prepared as our primary sales offices where team members will hold one-on-one meetings, process applications, and hold contract signings for Life Care on-campus or new closings establishing Seabury At Home memberships. We don’t plan to tour prospects in the main building right away and will rely on virtual content to show photos and residence styles.

One of the first set of priorities with the team coming back to campus will be to close the 5-8 prospects in the queue for new memberships in Seabury At Home; finalize details for the two (2) new households scheduled to move during June, and secure two (2) additional sales for the campus, both prospects are targeting a move to campus this summer!

As always, please do not hesitate to contact Seabury’s COVID Team with questions or concerns you may have. The COVID Team is responding to emails as they are received 7-days a week. As noted, continue to check for the latest information.

We look forward to imagining our new normal together, keeping everyone safe and happy (while 6-feet apart)!

Thank you!!

Seabury Executive Team


Updated: April 29, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents, Seabury At Home Members and Families

We want to open this communication with a salute to Seabury’s Heroes!

The Department of Public Health visited Skilled Nursing and Seabury’s COVID isolation wing last week. Under the direction of Governor Lamont, the primary purpose of their visit was to carefully evaluate our infection control protocol, our personal protective equipment (PPE) supply, and usage, how we are maintaining staffing levels, review our contingency staffing plan, staff morale, and the reporting of cases to all Seabury constituents.

Seabury hit the mark in all areas, particularly with transparency on reporting out our data and the frequency of our communications. We are proud to recognize Seabury’s nursing, recreation, pastoral, culinary, maintenance and housekeeping staff on a job well done!!

This week we want to focus our efforts on bestowing as much gratitude on the people and professions around us that keep everyone safe and well taken care of during this time.

It is true, globally and locally, here at Seabury, you see the best in humanity in times of crisis.

Gratitude Initiative:
You can expect to see more signage around campus, both the main entrance and employee entrance extending our deepest gratitude and thanks to Seabury employees. If you’d like to express your appreciation or encouragement with a hand-written letter to Seabury employees, local hospital, and emergency personnel, delivery drivers, etc., we would be happy to deliver these notes to the designated recipient, either by hand or via mail.

We will be publishing a limited edition “Wow’s” communication to share with everyone the positive feedback the COVID-19 team has received! It’s time for our community to celebrate as many wins as possible and honor all the good that has taken place in these last several weeks.

The Seabury Charitable Foundation Board has been at the forefront of this crisis to assure that Seabury Staff is recognized and rewarded for their resolute commitment and dedication to this organization. Please look forward to the SCF Newsletter to follow with the COVID Crisis Gratitude Initiative, which will provide a gift of gratitude to Staff!

COVID Testing:
Join us as we celebrate the return of some nursing and CNA personnel that have recovered from COVID this week!

Aggressive testing among our resident population continues, resulting in increases in our overall count of positive cases, negative cases, and one new death due to COVID complications. While test kits remain in short supply across the country, we believe that early detection of the virus, isolation, and judicious treatment is key to the prevention and protection of our community.

Due to this approach, Seabury’s numbers will likely be greater than other communities of similar size are reporting, where this approach is not embraced. Increased testing will likely result in increased confirmed cases, which is attributed to the testing providing new information about existing conditions, not that the virus is spreading faster inside the facility.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently emphasized the importance of testing for COVID-19 in long-term care facilities. State surveyors are increasingly looking for evidence that nursing facilities are testing symptomatic residents and isolating them while results are pending. Further, a growing number of states now require testing of all residents and staff. Unfortunately, CT continues to have extremely limited testing supplies, and these shortages mean that it is still not possible to test everyone.

After a full month of testing – 45 total tests, since March 27, 2020:

  • Active Cases – 14 (we have 13 residents that we are serving in the Skilled Nursing isolation wing, one hospitalized)
  • Negative Cases – 19
  • Deaths – 6
  • Pending test results – 6

We must continue to stress; not all deaths are associated with a COVID diagnosis. Additionally, if you are cross-referencing our data with data captured and reported through Gov. Lamont’s office, please note the data from the state is typically 1-2 weeks behind, for all sites. Seabury adheres to the required daily reporting to DPH.

Antibody Solutions and Tracing:
The Seabury COVID-19 team is actively researching methods for ongoing testing, so we can adequately protect residents and staff and make plans for a phased, re-opening of campus to some level of normalcy. As a result, we need to develop a plan and procedures to test on a grander scale than what’s been available thus far. We are having discussions with trusted vendors and local hospital systems about the viability of antibody testing. We’re cautious of partaking in an unproven process that may cause more confusion than answers. We will only consider tests approved by the FDA. These tests detect prior infection and are NOT able to diagnose an active COVID-19 infection.

SARA Status Solutions: We are excited to report that we are further upgrading the SARA system, which will now have enhanced tracing capabilities. Hopefully, new testing methods for the virus or antibodies, and the SARA technology will provide the perspective we need to help understand the spread of COVID around our campus and, ultimately, control it better. Please wear your pendant for safety and NOW COVID precautions. This is one-step that we are taking toward slowly reopening the campus.

Fitness/Telehealth Updates:
We are preparing ways to re-introduce a version of our much needed and beloved fitness back into the lives of residents! The focus is taking a look at the mental and physical deconditioning that has occurred among some of our residents and offering fitness visits or Physical Therapy where appropriate.

Let’s begin with a look at how we will phase back fitness options across campus. Please note, this is Phase 1. We will live in Phase 1 until we’re comfortable moving forward with any additional plans. Anyone that is interested in the offerings below is asked to reach out to Brian Harris at x6019 or

  • The Fitness Team is putting together a list of residents that have received personal training in the past (all levels of care). We are looking for safe, socially distant ways to begin offering personal training for those that are interested. One-on-One fitness appointments will feature masks, plenty of distance and added sanitation of equipment.
  • We will look to re-open the South Wing and East Wing fitness centers in a controlled manner. We will schedule personal workout times for individuals and couples with 15 minutes in-between appointments for cleaning and sanitizing all the equipment. Times slots will be dependent on how much interest we have among residents.
  • Please take a look at the addition of pre-recorded videos on Ch. 920 and the Portal. A new video will be featured each week, beginning this week with a Chair Yoga class, instructed by Kirsten Benson. Next week, the video will feature Matt McGowan and Brian Harris leading a class in functional strength. These videos will run on a continuous loop, so residents can participate at any time of day.
  • Beginning this week, Kirsten Benson, a member of our Fitness Team, will be providing one-on-one training with residents in The Views. Kirsten will be outfitted in personal protective equipment (PPE) and lead contactless fitness four times a week, from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Telehealth: The need for more telehealth visits is overwhelming the capacity of what the current clinic staff can facilitate at this time. In response, we’ve decided to bring back a member of our Community Outreach Services team to campus full-time, starting this week. Lisa Duncan, Outreach Specialist Home Health Care, will assist residents with executing telehealth appointments with their doctors. Please continue to schedule your appointments through the clinic by calling x6080.

Planned Re-Entry & Re-Opening:
We are having planning discussions with individual residents that have been off-campus since before our shelter-in-place to review re-entry plans and precautions. All residents fitting this profile will be screened by the COVID Team before coming back to campus.

Seabury is actively and cautiously planning our phased re-opening and what that looks like across all services and programming. For now, we will focus on fitness and telehealth services and will continue to take this slow. Please maintain your vigilance on social distancing, wearing your masks when walking or in public, and as always, no visitors. This for your protection and the protection of others.

Please do not hesitate to contact Seabury’s COVID Team with questions or concerns you may have. The COVID Team is responding to emails as they are received 7-days a week. As noted, continue to check for the latest information.

We look forward to imagining our new normal together, keeping everyone safe and happy (while 6-feet apart)!

Thank you!!

Seabury Executive Team


Updated: April 22, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents, Seabury At Home Members and Families

We’ve been looking forward to the day where we could report that we have our first cases of residents and/or employees that have recovered from a COVID-positive illness and were able to either go back to their residence or return to work! For this week, we are happy to report two skilled nursing employees have recovered, and we celebrate their return to work!

Testing Data:
The testing continues among residents this week, and the results are as follows:

  • Negative – 3 (2 Independent Living, 1 Skilled Nursing)
  • Positive – 2 (Skilled Nursing)
  • Pending – 6 tests (Skilled and Assisted Living Residents); One test is a retest to confirm recovery!
  • Overall, we’ve tracked a total of 14 negative cases and 14 positive cases among our resident population.
  • Currently, there are no tests pending for Independent Living Residents! Thank you for your continued vigilance!


  • All residents in The Views, The Meadows, and Skilled Nursing have been started on Zinc, Vitamin C, and are receiving baseline EKG’s.
  • Positive Residents have also been started on Azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine (requires EKG), when appropriate.
  • Ion Generating Ultraviolet Air Scrubbers, have been placed in every resident room on the isolation wing. Again, these Air Scrubbers include a better than HEPA air filtration system, disinfecting all surfaces and the air.

It is our opinion that the shortage of tests, and the strict requirements to get testing, and the time it takes to process results all significantly contribute to the pandemic and spread, especially in nursing homes. It is our goal to continue to research the latest tests available and its accessibility and accuracy.

Antibody Testing:
The Seabury COVID-19 team held multiple meetings with providers and healthcare professionals this week to check the validity of antibody testing and the ability to test large numbers of people quickly. The delay (3-4 weeks) in receiving these test kits causes us some concerns. The World Health Org (WHO) has recently studied one test kit that we are investigating.

American Red Cross- Convalescent Plasma Therapy:
We have made contact with the American Red Cross. More to come on this intervention.

We’ve received some emails suggesting the most likely cause for the virus entering the campus, especially in healthcare, must be asymptomatic staff. Although we’ve been closed to visitors for nearly a month, many services are still required to enter Seabury, such as lab services, radiology, private aides, mental health providers, physicians, etc. We also have Residents who have had to go out to the hospital, or medical appointments, and may get exposed there.

As you know, we have been screening all employees and contracted services daily for weeks. One of the most challenging elements of this virus is that people can be completely asymptomatic and have the virus and or the symptoms don’t appear for up to 15 days after exposure.

Staff is given priority access to testing, but they must go through their own providers. DPH doesn’t handle non-nursing home/congregate living individuals. A rapid testing center in New Haven recently opened offering priority access to healthcare employees, and one location for regular testing has opened in West Hartford, in which results come back in approximately 5-7 days.

Mental Health Resources:
The length of this crisis has certainly impacted all of us by drastically changing our daily routines and limiting the personal connections we have with other residents, staff, friends, and family. We want to remind you that resources are available to help you talk through what you’re feeling and to help build coping strategies moving forward.

Pastoral Care with Chaplain Jenn:
If you need ANYTHING, please feel free to call Chaplain Jenn at 860.808.8919. She is rarely in the office, so calling her cell phone is best. She will get back to you ASAP. Chaplain Jenn has also been hosting virtual happy hours, 3 times a week, on Thursday, Saturday, and Tuesday evenings at 8:00 p.m. in her Virtual Zoom Office. The group will chat and sip a beverage. Please join them here:

Chaplain Jenn is looking to expand her group meetings to include a “Chatting with the Chaplain” series from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays. If you would like a beverage-free, daytime meeting, please plan to join using the same Zoom set up referenced above. The first meeting will be Monday, April 27 at 12:30 p.m.

Dr. Joe Cherepon of Harvest Medical Services is available to Seabury residents every other Wednesday for telehealth appointments. Our clinic staff will help you make an appointment and facilitate the appointment using an iPad from the clinic. Please call Susie Washington at x6071 to schedule.

Dr. Joe also noted that he is willing to host group therapy sessions on Zoom, to help navigate the feelings of isolation and change, which are some of the most common mental health challenges right now. Again, please call the clinic if you have an interest, we will work with Dr. Joe to schedule a time for the group session.

Please note: New patients, either individual or group therapy will have to register through the Seabury clinic and provide insurance information.

Car Health – Preserve Batteries:
Please remember to check on the health of your car and take some time to run your car battery. We have noticed that most cars are just sitting because of the need for isolation, and we don’t want you to be surprised when you go out in the future. If you require battery assistance, please call security, they can jump start vehicles.

Campus Loop Road:
Thank you for your continued feedback on the new tracking protocol established a few days ago. We have a better sense now of who is coming on and off-campus, and that level of understanding helps with our virus tracing and containment.

We understand this is not ideal, and we appreciate your patience. This measure will be lifted as soon as we begin to slowly reopen the campus. Please note: we are not discouraging leaving campus to take a drive, change of scenery, etc.

Fitness Update – Walking Program, New Classes:
In week five, our goal was to walk 555 miles. With 85.7% of walkers reporting in this week, we have walked a total of 567.1 miles. Through the wind, rain and bitter cold temperatures this week, we pushed on!! Our total team mile count stands at 2678.67 miles. For week 6, the goal will increase another five miles to 560.

  • Walking is the safest activity you can do on campus. Remember to keep your six-foot distance from others while you are out and about and to practice proper handwashing techniques when you come back inside. Masks are a must!
  • We are beginning to introduce some fitness programming back into the schedule next week. The fitness team will be filming two videos this week, and they will be ready for use on Monday, April 27. The videos will be placed on Ch. 920 and a link on the portal.

Mask Distribution:
We believe by this point; each resident has at least one surgical mask to use for walking outside, etc. The response to our call for cloth mask making has been so successful that we are ready to distribute cloth masks to residents! The process will begin on Thursday and will finish when we have provided one to every home. If you DO NOT need a cloth mask, please call or email Tina DuPont at x6080 or

Mass Notification Purpose:
Thank you to everyone who either emailed Tina DuPont or returned the green card back with a designated family, friend, or attorney contact. The purpose of the SARA Mass Notification system is to alert this group of a significant event or change, not only during the COVID crisis, but any possible future notifications of an urgent nature. We understand many of you would be more comfortable addressing news from Seabury directly to your family and friends. Still, if we need to contact this group in an emergency, it behooves us to have a complete list for quick, real-time alerts.

Please do not hesitate to contact Seabury’s COVID Team with questions or concerns you may have. The COVID Team is responding to emails as they are received 7-days a week. As noted, continue to check for the latest information.

Thank you for your continued support!


The Seabury COVID Team


Updated: April 18, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents, Seabury At Home Members and Families

Thank you for your patience as we make our way through all of your questions. We continue to be in awe of and applaud the work of our Seabury Heroes! Thank you for your very kind notes on their behalf.

Developments are changing day by day, minute by minute. Our focus remains on the health and well-being of our community, both Residents and Staff. Our mission has never been more meaningful.

Please know, while we strive for transparency in everything we do, we are bound by federal guidelines under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA protects the privacy of our residents, who may not want their condition known. This includes any identifier that would potentially reveal a specific individual.

Due to our increased testing this week, with a low threshold of symptoms, we expected to see more positive cases. As you know, it’s possible to catch COVID, and not know it, because not everyone infected with the virus has symptoms. This is why, in part, we are electing to be more aggressive in our testing to define the level of exposure on campus, which is contingent upon the availability of test kits. It’s important to note that Families are notified in real-time of any change in the medical condition of their loved ones.

The time it takes to process the tests improved somewhat, but can vary significantly (2-7 days). If one has been tested, it is expected they will be quarantined until the results are received. At that time, the COVID Team will determine the appropriate setting for isolation.

We want to report that 16 tests were completed this week and results are as follows:

  • 4 returned with a negative result;
  • 9 returned with a positive result (1 independent living, 1 assisted living, 7 skilled nursing);
  • 3 results are pending.

While these numbers are significant, this allows us to immediately start critical isolation protocols and treatments. We view this level of defense as a win. We look forward to rotating these residents out of isolation when they recover. The team is focused and committed to fiercely protecting all Residents.

Out of respect for family members, the formal notification* of a COVID-related death will come at the time it is comfortable for the family, definitive results have been received, and DPH has been notified. Our report this week includes:

  • Male, 95, passed away. Long-Term Skilled Nursing Resident;
  • Female, 93, passed away. Long-Term Skilled Nursing Resident.

*Red rose notifications continue for all Life Care Residents, regardless of the cause of death, at the time of one’s passing.

Both Residents had underlying medical conditions and received comfort support before passing away. Family members were allowed to visit with their loved ones after a screening process and were provided with personal protective equipment. This process is within state guidelines for the safety of residents, families and staff.

We continue to offer every assurance that Seabury will be following all recommendations from the CDC and Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH), and will act in the best interests of our entire community.

As required, Seabury reports all data to DPH, including the number of tests, results, and deaths. These numbers have been reported on the following site: This is a source that we have cited on many occasions. Seabury is not listed yet, as we believe the information is about a week behind. Keep in mind that eventually, the number of Seabury’s cases may look high on the nursing home list, as DPH does not differentiate between levels of care. Our numbers will also increase as we complete more aggressive testing over the next couple of weeks.

It’s our opinion that widespread testing is essential, but not possible. Early recognition of new cases is critical, and an understanding of who may have immunity. At this point, our Medical Director is working with the CDC to try to obtain more test kits. Additionally, Seabury has been on the list for a Rapid Test Kit, and we are in touch with the company that sells the COVID Antibody Rapid Test Kit that was also just approved by the FDA.

Unless you’re under quarantine, it’s still fine to enjoy the outdoors so long as you keep your distance from anyone who’s not in your household. When outside of your residence, please wear a mask, scarf, or bandana over your nose and mouth. A single surgical mask will be distributed on Monday to those Residents who emailed us last week. Please email, to request a mask.

According to the Governor’s order, which goes into effect at 8 PM on Monday, any person in public who cannot be at least six feet away from everyone must cover their nose and mouth with a mask or face covering.

US Mail and Packages:
We’ve instituted a new process for mail and package deliveries. All delivered items (except groceries) will be placed in a holding area with an Ion Generating Ultraviolet Air Scrubber that includes a better than HEPA air filtration system. The Scrubber will disinfect all surfaces over 24-hours. We will delay the delivery of these items by one day. This new process is effective immediately; there will be no mail or package deliveries this weekend. Mail and package deliveries will resume on Monday, 4/20. Again, groceries (or any packages that contain perishable items) will still be delivered the same day.

Please do not hesitate to contact Seabury’s COVID Team with questions or concerns you may have. The COVID Team is responding to emails as they are received 7-days a week. As noted, continue to check for the latest information.

Thank you for your continued support!


The Seabury COVID Team

Updated: April 16, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents, Seabury At Home Members and Families

Thank you again for the beautiful notes and kind words received over the last couple of days about the Seabury Staff. We can certainly appreciate the stressful nature of the situation at hand and share your gratitude towards our staff. There is nothing more important than the care and well-being of the residents we serve on this campus and in the community! This has been our mission all along!

We are actively testing (based on the supply of test kits) using a low threshold for symptoms to be able to definitively confirm cases as they arise, to respond aggressively with treatment, and to reduce possible exposure to others. Recently, we started testing asymptomatic Residents in Skilled Nursing to establish if they could return to a recent level of care or be discharged home.

While we are experiencing many negative results, which we are thankful for, we have seen a slight rise in positive cases in Skilled Nursing and one case in Assisted Living. Please note, these family members have already been notified. A definite case requires that one be moved to an Isolation Area immediately and started on treatment. As established early on, all healthcare areas are restricted from any visitors. The only exception to the visitor order by the Department of Public Health is if one is at the end of life. Thank you for your understanding.

We have experienced some Life Care Residents (long-term skilled) non-COVID passings recently. We noted in our communication on Tuesday that we will not distinguish between COVID-related deaths and those from natural causes. Please don’t assume all passings are related to the transmission of the COVID virus.

The COVID Team continues to have conference calls daily, which often include our Medical Director and the medical team from UCONN John Dempsey Hospital. We can assure you that everything humanly possible has been done and continues to be done when it comes to battling this virus.

Long before the first case in the United States, Seabury’s Executive leadership has been proactively ordering PPE, medical equipment, and strategizing preventative policies and procedures to combat and limit the overall impact of COVID-19 on this campus. Additionally, we have taken the aggressive steps of screening every employee as they enter the building and sending them home if they exhibit any symptoms, limit only essential staff to enter the building and permit those who can work from home to do so until further notice.

We are proud to be a part of the solution in this fight and we are holding up the long-term care component of healthcare, along with many others in the senior living field. Our job is to serve residents who need our care and we are prepared to do just that. This is what we do. The very pernicious nature of this disease has been a challenge. Recommendations from scientists and governing bodies on a state and federal level, including the CDC, change almost daily.

While we have been working diligently, 24-hours a day and 7-days a week, to protect the Seabury Residents, the COVID Team has established that we need to monitor the comings and goings of the campus at the Main Entrance driveway. Security will be stopping vehicles at the Main Entrance to establish the purpose for being on campus or leaving and will track the activity, and monitor via the cameras, as well. The Service Entrance will be closed to all traffic starting Friday, April 17.

As a reminder, the no visitor policy on campus remains strictly in place, which includes in-person outdoor visits with family or friends. Every interaction offers a way for the virus to enter our community. Again, it’s crucial not to lose sight of the fact that these strict measures are being enforced to ensure every residents’ safety!

SARA Mass Communication
Thank you to everyone who has filled out the green cards or emailed Tina DuPont ( with your designated family member, friend, or attorney for the Mass Communication list. Please keep the information coming!

We have and will continue to be aggressive in our approach to mitigate the spread of the virus on our campus. This is really an unprecedented time in our history.

Please do not hesitate to contact Seabury’s COVID Team with questions or concerns you may have and continue to check for the latest information. Thank you for your continued support!


The Seabury COVID Team

Updated: April 14, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents, Seabury At Home Members and Families

Thank you for an excellent Gratitude Event today! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We are gathering photo and video content and will share soon on the portal (as a YouTube link), Facebook, Ch. 918, etc.

Our communication today focuses on the continued feedback and follow-up questions from our weekend communications. We are happy to maintain an open dialogue and work through questions as they arise.

The following is a summary of answers that came out of some of the more general questions posed since the weekend.

Red Rose Policy:
We are using our standard red rose protocol for Life Care Residents (it will be displayed virtually on the portal and on Ch. 918) to inform residents of all passings, making no distinction between COVID-related cases or natural causes, during this time period so residents and members can continue to console and support one another as always.

Sharing notes or letters of condolences:
Moving forward, if you want to send a card to a resident or family member, we would be happy to pick up the card/note with the out-going mail. We will hand-deliver to the resident or place in the mail (please include a stamp on out-going mail). Thank you.

Leaving campus for a period of time:
Some residents and resident family members have reached out to us asking about our policy on a resident temporarily leaving campus. We’ve advised, in each case, that you can certainly choose to live off-campus. We will require residents to stay off-campus for the duration of the pandemic and return once Seabury lifts its visitor restrictions. We have no definitive date as to when that might be, but would be in constant communication.

Cloth Mask guidance:
Thank you to our entire Seabury sewing team. We continue to receive beautifully crafted masks each day. The masks we’ve received to date have been laundered, labeled, and distributed to all ancillary employees who do not provide direct care. We expect to start making cloth masks that could be delivered to residents who would like one for walking within the building (to the closest exit) or for outdoor walks. We have a limited supply right now, and we will hand out to interested residents, as requests come in.

SARA Mass Notification System – Family:
We’ve had several opportunities to test and then subsequently use our mass notification system with various audiences or groups across the Seabury community, including employees, residents, Board members, and Seabury At Home Members. We’d like to expand the use of our system to reach family members of our residents. In the event that we have to send a communication to them.

We ask that you provide a cell phone number and an email address for a designated person from your family, friends or attorney/trustee, etc. In the coming days, we will provide a form on your ledge with instructions on what to fill out. Please note, we did not ask for an email address when you filled out your updated emergency contacts, which is why we are asking at this moment.

Thank you for your vigilance in following the recommended guidelines for staying at home. It’s crucial to not lose sight of the fact that these strict measures are being enforced to ensure every resident’s safety! Even if you’re asymptomatic, you may still be a carrier of the virus. Protect Seabury and please stay home!

The Seabury Community is strong and resilient.

Thank you!!

Seabury Executive Team

Updated: April 12, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents and Seabury At Home Members and Seabury Staff:

It is with great sadness that we report an Independent Living Resident passed away yesterday at the hospital related to COVID suspected complications. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this resident and the family.

There are no words to describe the loss that the Seabury Team is experiencing at this moment. We share in the loss and pain that you are feeling as well, as many of you are closely connected. We take comfort in the fact that the support and friendship you’ve all shown them since they have moved to Seabury will continue now and carry the family during this incredibly difficult time.

We want you to know that we remain committed to mitigating the spread of this virus and will remain vigilant in our efforts. We continue to follow the protocols identified by the CDC and the CT Department of Public Health to ensure your safety and well-being.

We will continue to update you on any news or changes in our regular operations. Please do not hesitate to contact Seabury’s COVID Team at with questions or concerns you may have.

Please continue to check this page, for the latest information.

We are all in this together, and together we will persevere. The Seabury Community is resilient.


The Seabury COVID Team

Updated: April 11, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents and Seabury At Home Members:

Dear Seabury Residents, Seabury At Home Members, Family Members, and Seabury Staff:

It is with regret that we inform you that we have three residents positive for COVID-19. The residents are in quarantine, either in a hospital setting or in one of our dedicated isolation areas on campus that were prepared for this very need. Please note: Appropriate precautions were taken during the investigation phase leading up to these results. This further triggers heightened infection control practices, personal protective equipment (PPE), and protocols as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

We have notified public health officials as required and are following procedures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. We want to make residents, their families, and our dedicated staff aware of this situation and reassure everyone that we are on top of it.

We are taking steps to prevent the further spread of this illness and have responded quickly and effectively to minimize the impact on others.

While we have some staff members who have tested positive, we are strictly adhering to a rigorous set of criteria based on federal guidance, for all staff members:

  • Temperature is taken upon entering the employee entrance.
  • All staff coming from another healthcare environment have to change their clothes, shoes, and showering is recommended.
  • The staff has to share signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat.
  • The staff has to confirm if, in the last 14 days, they have had contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, or under investigation for COVID-19, or are ill with respiratory illness.
  • There are clear protocols for staff to stay home and not come to work if they are ill or symptomatic.
    Seabury’s nurse determines if one should proceed to their department or be sent home.
  • All individuals are monitored through Seabury’s Disease Control module and only allowed to return to work with Seabury’s approval.

Please know that maintaining your health or the health of your family member(s) is our number one priority.

We will continue to update you on any news, emerging issues, or changes in our regular operations. Please do not hesitate to contact Seabury’s COVID Team at with questions or concerns you may have. Please continue to check for the latest information.

The Seabury Community is strong, and we will get through this together! Thank you to our Residents, Members, Board, and Staff for their incredible efforts in keeping our community safe. It truly takes a village!


Seabury’s Executive Team


Updated: April 8, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents and Seabury At Home Members:

We want to begin this communication with a big thank you to our staff, working each day to keep everyone safe!

Since we are all feeling inspired by the commitment of our AMAZING Seabury employees, we want to let them know how much they are appreciated! We are holding a Seabury-wide CHEERING MOMENT on Tuesday, April 14, from 3:15-3:30 PM. Residents and staff are encouraged to participate. Please open your balcony doors and your windows and cheer them on safely from your apartment! Make signs, ring bells, and make as much noise as possible! We want to be so loud that all employees hear us! (Disclaimer: we will not be handing out any art supplies, so if you would like to make a poster, please use what you have on-hand in your home.) A roaming cheer squad will be coming to a courtyard near you to photograph and film your great cheer and positive messages! All of the content will be placed into a photo and video collage that will be shared with all employees, residents, and At Home members. Thank you for your participation!!

COVID Update:
We’re happy to report, to date, there are no COVID-positive cases among residents.

  • We have minimal positive cases among employees in healthcare (who have had limited contact with residents). These employees remain home in isolation, and the clinic staff continues to monitor these folks.
  • All staff have their temperature taken before entering the building and go through a series of questions about possible exposure. Seabury’s nurses immediately speak to the employees that answer “yes” to the questionnaire before the staff member can report to work.
  • Staff who work in other healthcare environments and come directly to Seabury must change their clothes and shoes; showers are recommended.
  • We continue to aggressively explore how to reduce any exposure to the Seabury campus.

PPE and Cloth Mask Initiative:
As noted in previous communications, we continue to order and add to our overall Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply.

  • We’ve added over 300 cloth masks to our supply, with contributions coming in from residents, At Home members, and staff. The students from Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU) donated 50 masks on Monday and will be delivering more masks as soon as possible.
  • The mandate that is upon us now from CDC and DPH is that all staff working in clinical areas are to be outfitted with a surgical mask, and all remaining ancillary staff be provided a cloth mask for use while working on campus.
  • Mask distribution to employees (and residents, if possible) will take place in a tiered approach, based on the need and protection of our clinical staff, and those residents who are at high risk.
  • Please continue to make masks to assure the safety of all staff and residents! Thank you to our mask makers!
  • We have developed systems to extend the useful life of all PPE by sanitizing and laundering a small personal supply for each staff member.

Seabury Walking Team Update:
In week three, our team goal was to walk a total of 425 miles. So far, with 61% of walkers reporting steps/miles/minutes for week three, we have totaled 460.24 miles (this will change – we tend to receive a few more totals after this email goes out)!! This places the total miles walked at an amazing 1,424.98 miles!!
We think Team Seabury is ready for a real challenge. In week two, we had the highest total of respondents (80%) and walked a total of 521.18 miles. In week four, our challenge will be to walk 550 miles. We will each need to take a couple of extra walks this week to achieve it!

Trash and Recycling:
We are adding Recycling materials pick-up for every Sunday, moving forward. As a reminder, please adhere to this schedule below. Please do not put out trash or recycling on “off” days.

  • As a reminder, all trash materials are picked-up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, beginning at 10:00 AM, outside your door. Please double bag, seal, and do not put liquids in the trash.
  • All recycled materials are picked-up at 10:00 AM on Sunday** (new), Tuesday, and Thursday of each week.

Marketing Update:
We want to take this opportunity to report that our marketing efforts have not ceased during this time and that we have some encouraging news to report out! Yes, we are working under a different set of circumstances these days. Although information sessions, events on campus, and tours are temporarily suspended, we press on with alternative methods. We are working with leads and prospects via email or conference call and GoToMeeting. In addition, we continue to receive in-bound inquiries via the website and phone calls, as we have an active and current online marketing campaign in place. Proactively, we are sending out e-newsletters to prospects regularly with content about our preparedness and actions to protect campus residents, in addition to content centering on what they can do while staying home.

The precautionary measures came at a neutral time in regards to move-ins. We had a natural gap in our move-in schedule, as the next set of move-ins are scheduled for June. Our first order of business was to immediately confirm and retain each sale. In the short-term, two sales have been retained, contracts signed, and move-in dates established for June. We are working through the finishes and refurbishment details, and all is working well. For our third sale, they have decided to put their move on campus on hold until the crisis passes. We are hopeful they will move to campus, perhaps even before the close of this fiscal year.

New business is developing, as we continue to foster leads. The newfound downtime has prompted some prospects to seriously consider a move to campus or to join Seabury At Home, and we’re jumping on each opportunity, managing all the components of the application process remotely. We have two households (in addition to the two June move-ins already scheduled) actively going through the application process now and three households that are preparing for a Seabury At Home membership. We are working around components of our application process by planning for and setting up medical assessments via telehealth. We expect to secure several new sales within the coming weeks. We look forward to reporting out our results!

Heather Mudano arranges the visits needed directly with one’s physician’s office and time for the scheduled appointment. The visit is accomplished using the physician’s IPHONE and using Facetime on the IPAD. Heather goes to the resident’s apartment slightly ahead and takes any needed vital signs and stays through the duration of the visit to assist, for example, a wound or a rash, etc. If the visit does not require a nurse visit, Heather is setting up the IPAD and giving the resident and physician privacy. This is most helpful with Carol Tuller, APRN with Harvest Medical Mental Health Services.

Of course, the IPAD and any other equipment brought into the resident apartment would be cleaned before being used for another resident.

Passover and Easter:
We will all experience a very different Passover and/or Easter holiday this year. Please plan to “visit” with your family virtually this year. Unfortunately, the strict “no visitor” policy remains in effect.

  • This is not the time to relax current “shelter-in-place” requirements. It’s critical to be vigilant in our current protocols to keep everyone safe.
  • Families should not deliver homemade Easter baskets or meals; this creates significant and additional stress on staff. Again, we apologize for these restrictions.
  • Easter flowers will be sanitized and delivered.
  • Easter Services will be pre-recorded by Chaplain Jenn and will be played on Ch. 920 on Easter Sunday.

As a reminder, the culinary team is doing their very best to get Marketplace orders out as quickly as possible. Currently, we have 70 orders in the queue, waiting to be filled. On average, we are receiving 40 new orders per day. Due to this high demand, we ask residents to limit your order to (1) once per week, and the delivery of your order could take up to three days. If you’re waiting on an order, please call first before putting in a duplicate order, x6060. We continue to pick up from Geissler’s, Monday through Friday, so please consider utilizing that service as well.

Thank you all for your emails and notes. We appreciate all your support and suggestions. Meal delivery continues to happen each day between 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. I am happy to report, we have tightened the process but we are not perfect. We will have moments where human error comes into play and we may deliver the wrong order or miss something. We do want to fix those errors and correct those as soon as possible. In order to do this, we ask that you call the culinary department between 2:00-3:00 p.m. at x6060 or x6061 and let us know. After 3:00 p.m., please call the front desk number and report your errors and we can continue to troubleshoot until 4:00 p.m. After 4:00 p.m., we are not able to staff and correct errors.

Outgoing Mail:
Please note: Outgoing mail will be picked up between 8:00-9:00 AM with newspaper distribution. Please have outgoing mail ready for 8:00 AM.

April Monthly Fee Statement:
The monthly statements were delivered today with the USPS mail delivery. Payments will be collected on Sunday morning, April 12, during newspaper distribution. Please check with accounting if you didn’t receive your statement.

Please remember, you can make a switch to automatic bill payment. Our Accounting team withdraws the money on the 20th of each month. Given how the calendar falls for April, as long as we have your form by the 15th, we will be able to withdraw. If you’re interested, please contact your ambassador for the necessary paperwork to fill out to set up the process.

Walking Loop Enhancement:
We will be distributing benches and chairs around the campus walking loop and the perimeter road over the next couple of weeks. Take a walk; it’s excellent for your emotional and physical health!

Tax campaign – Letter writing:
This would be a great time to write or call the Mayor and Bloomfield Town Council Members regarding Seabury’s Tax Dispute. Your letters and calls make a difference! Thank you!

Seabury Charitable Foundation:
The Charitable Foundation has been active during this unprecedented time. Please be on the lookout for the next newsletter and the Coronavirus Crisis Gratitude Initiative.

Seabury Finances:
On April 3, 2020, Seabury applied for the Paycheck Protection Program through Webster Bank. This program was part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). The federal government allocated funds to the Small Business Administration to guarantee loans to businesses with under 500 employees to help them during the Pandemic to keep everyone employed or bring those that were laid off or furloughed back. A portion of the loan, up to the full amount, can be forgiven.

Thank you again for your commitment to keeping the Seabury Community safe!

Stay safe. Stay home.

Thank you!!

Seabury Executive Team


Updated: April 3, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents and Seabury At Home Members:

Thank you for your continued vigilance in following the recommended guidelines for staying at home! It is now more critical than ever to remain safe at home over the next couple of weeks, as the number of COVID cases in CT is expected to increase exponentially.

Also, thank you for all the positive feedback you have shared via letters, emails, or out on the walking paths, we appreciate it very much!

We thought, perhaps with this communication, we should address how Seabury is managing elements of our overall business operations during this unprecedented time.

In addition to prudent business practices, we are taking advantage of state and federal programs that will keep Seabury and our employees financially stable. We must take care of our staff; please note, this is one of our top priorities!

For our front line staff and healthcare personnel that have the greatest potential for exposure, we have been preparing and stocking up on all our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The ordering of PPE has not ceased, and we continue to add to our stockpile each week.

We have identified isolation areas to treat COVID-positive cases (if and when they arise). We have developed a copious amount of new policies covering everything from the screening of all employees upon entry to work each day to the consumption and sanitizing of PPE. We are in constant communication with the CDC and State of Connecticut Department of Public Health, regarding the latest planning and preparation strategies. We are confident that we’re doing everything we can to keep everyone protected!

Many of our administrative employees (Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting, etc.) can work from home. We instituted this flexible work arrangement right from the beginning. Other employees have shifted to essential on-site duties and are acting as the daily operations ground team, fulfilling newspaper, package and grocery deliveries, etc.

We are pleased to note that we will be participating with the Connecticut Department of Labor’s Shared Work Program, and Seabury is enrolling a group of administrative and non-clinical employees into this program from several departments whose hours will be reduced (in most cases 8 hours weekly or less), on a temporary basis.

Essentially, the Shared Work program will support our employees who work a slightly reduced number of hours in the workweek. Furthermore, they retain all of their benefits through Seabury! If you’re interested in the specifics, please visit the Shared Work website at

We do have a small group of employees that have been temporarily put on furlough with a defined “return to work” date on April 20. We expect to bring them all back full-time, once we’re up in full operation.

We learned in recent days that Seabury also qualifies for relief under the emergency legislation that went into effect on March 27. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act includes specific provisions that Seabury is applying for through local banks, including:

Paycheck Protection Program Loans: An emergency loan program providing loans for eligible nonprofits and small businesses, permitting them to cover costs of payroll, operations, and debt service, and ensures loans will be forgiven in whole or in part under certain circumstances.

Thank you again for your commitment to keeping the Seabury Community safe.

Seabury is secure, and together we will get through this pandemic. Be safe; stay home.

Thank you!!

Seabury Executive Team


Updated: March 31, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents and Seabury At Home Members:

Thank you for your vigilance in following the recommended guidelines for staying at home. We thought it best if perhaps a more detailed set of guidelines, in the form of “Do’s and Don’ts” be provided as well, for clarity.

Please remember, you are in the high-risk category and you are putting yourself and others at risk based on your behavior (even if you’re asymptomatic, you may be a carrier of the virus) – Protect Seabury and please stay in!

Stay Safe, Stay Home: The Governor signed an executive order directing Connecticut residents titled “Stay Safe, Stay Home.” It orders all nonessential businesses statewide to prohibit in-person functions. This order is in effect until April 22, unless modified.

The results for staff and residents who underwent COVID-19 testing in recent days have come in.

  • 2 healthcare residents – NEGATIVE for COVID-19
  • 1 healthcare employee – NEGATIVE for COVID-19
  • 1 healthcare employee – POSITIVE for COVID-19. We want to report that this person is isolated at home and being tracked by our Clinic. The potential exposure to residents was also low, as this person is not involved in direct personal care.

We expect testing will continue with residents and staff, as needed. We will provide periodic updates, as we are anticipating our need for testing and possible cases will increase.

Our Do’s and Don’ts

Q. Can we drive to a restaurant for curbside pick-up?
A. We don’t recommend it. Please call for delivery to main entrance, we will bring items to you!

Q. Can we open our hall doors to say hello?
A. Yes, stay in your doorways, please don’t congregate in the hallways!

Q. Can we drive in our cars around the block to ensure the car is not sitting for long periods?
A. Yes, for sightseeing purposes and to get out of the house, please don’t take this opportunity to visit with friends, grandchildren, etc.

Q. Can we go to the grocery store?
A. We recommend you don’t go, if you don’t have to. Please take advantage of local delivery services and the Marketplace.

  • We are delivering items from Geissler’s 5 days a week now, it’s easier to get groceries in a timely fashion! Please call their main office at 860-623-0176, to place your order. Please refrain from ordering from Geissler’s online during this time.
  • In Hartford County, Shoprite in Canton allows online ordering and will place your groceries in your trunk curbside. Hall’s Market in West Hartford delivers 6 days a week (closed Sundays) and Fitzgerald’s in Simsbury also has curbside pickup available.
  • In New Haven County, Ferraro’s Market allows online ordering and curbside pick-up at the New Haven location. The Whitneyville Food Center in Hamden is available for curbside pick-up and delivery. Shoprite in Hamden, as in Canton, is open for curbside pick-up with online ordering. Bishop’s Orchard in Guilford is also an option for curbside pick-up.
  • For our residents and Seabury At Home members throughout the state, has compiled a comprehensive list of restaurants and their hours/capabilities. The restaurants are categorized by county. Click here to visit the website and order from your favorite local restaurant! For more information on these resources, please contact your Personal Health Coordinators.
  • The Culinary team filled delivered over 100 Marketplace orders yesterday, in addition to regular meal deliveries to all of the residents. (Fun fact: We are fulfilling and delivering 300 – 375 entrees and sandwiches, 80-110 desserts and approximately 100-120 salads per day!) They are filling 100+ orders today. Orders are being filled as quickly as possible. We thank you for your continued patience. Any questions or concerns can be directed back to the culinary department.

Q. Can we continue with outdoor sing-a-longs?
A. We recommend that these in-person gatherings cease. It’s natural for all of us to gravitate closer than 6’ apart. If there are to be sign-a-longs, it should be from your doorway or balcony only.

Q. Can people still walk together in pairs or groups outside?
A. Again, outdoor activity and walking is highly encouraged, but not in groups or pairs. Please keep your distance, even outside!

If you have any additional questions or would like some points clarified, please communicate with your ambassador.

Thank you!!

Seabury Executive Team


Updated: March 29, 2020

New Temperature Screening Procedure:

Seabury has implemented a mandatory temperature-screening policy. The goal of this policy is to monitor staff for potential COVID 19 infection and to lower the risk of exposure to Seabury residents and employees per CDC and State of CT DPH recommendations.

All staff must check-in to the designated check-in point prior to the start of their shift for screening by a trained employee.

If an employee has a temperature of 100 ?F or higher, or answers yes to or displays either a new or changing cough, sore throat or SOB (shortness of breath), they should remain outside and call the appropriate clinical manager for further instruction. All employees are also encouraged to take their temperatures regularly at home.

All hands on deck!

Seabury staff, residents and Seabury At Home members have all generously offered their services, and their sewing machines, to help create facemasks for our employees. As you may have heard, surgical masks are scarce. According to the CDC, homemade facemasks can be worn as a substitute when recommended masks are unavailable. Since their protective abilities are relatively unknown, we will be distributing to staff that are not involved in direct patient care.

We currently have 23 members of this team producing these homemade facemasks for our community. If you’d like to volunteer or learn more about this venture, please contact Jodi Morrissey at


Updated: March 20, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents and Seabury At Home Members:

With concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 Virus heightened throughout the nation, Seabury is closely following Best Practices outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the State of CT Department of Public Health on the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

We want to assure residents that the safety and security of those in our care remain our highest priority.

As of today at 5 PM, we are mobilizing Seabury’s “shelter-in-place” requirements for all Independent Living Residents for the next 14-days (until April 3).

This means that all common areas and corridors (should only be used for egress to the outside) are now closed until further notice. All services, including meals, groceries, packages, and mail, will be delivered to your residences. Please clear off the shelf outside your door to make space for deliveries.

Meals and Groceries:

You will receive a phone call from your assigned Ambassador this afternoon/evening to take your order on the heat and serve options we are prepared to make and deliver tomorrow between 12:00-2:00 PM. We will expand the options to include sandwiches and wraps starting next week.

You have the option to order groceries online and through meal delivery services (e.g., Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, etc.). Many restaurants are open as well and will be happy to deliver food. With any of these options, we ask that deliveries are made to the Main Entrance. From there, our employees will deliver the items to your residence.

US Mail, Packages, and Prescriptions:

Your packages and any medications that are normally delivered to the front desk will be delivered each day; times will vary. US Mail will be delivered, as well. The US Mail protocol does not impact Cottage residents, please continue to collect your mail in your outdoor kiosks. Your Seabury Ambassador will be in touch to help you navigate any special services that you need assistance with during this time as well.

Please note, you can walk outside or walk your dog. We recommend using the closest exit door to your residence when going out. During emergencies, please use the nearest exit door.

Please know that the news about the spread of this Virus is a concern for us all. Staff have been trained on the symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), CDC recommended infection prevention techniques, and have clear protocols for staff to stay home and not come to work if they are ill or symptomatic.  Seabury has been ordering PPE (N95 masks, gowns, gloves, eye protection) in abundance, since January, in addition to the government stockpile that will be distributed to us, if needed.

Remember that you are a vital partner in keeping yourself and others healthy—wash your hands often; avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth; notify staff if you feel sick.

In regards to the SARA Mass Communication test conducted this morning, we gather that many people did not get the test at 11:00 AM. It’s not unusual in the conversion of data that one’s first few tests have issues. We will continue to adjust and test until it’s correct.

Again, for those of you who did not, please contact Nick Olear at (860) 243-4032 or If you already have reached out to Nick about missing the alert, please assume he has received your message as he will not be able to return the message immediately.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are keeping your safety as our number one priority.  Communication is key, and we will continue to update you on any news, emerging issues, or changes in our regular operations. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact your Ambassador at any time with questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you, and be well!


The Seabury Executive Team

Updated: March 16, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents and Seabury At Home Members:

As a new week begins, we continue to monitor the fluid situation that is our current reality. As more and more COVID-19 cases start to be uncovered, and experts report that we’re potentially in a moment of acceleration, we are further tightening our protocols around campus. The following is in effect Monday, March 16 at 5 PM:

Visitor Protocol, All of Campus:

  • Please note, we are closing and locking all entrances, including the main entrance, until further notice. We are only allowing residents that live on campus and essential personnel in the building. Seabury At Home Members, in addition to family and friends for Independent Living Residents, will not be able to access campus.
  • The Executive Team has identified those IL Residents who are receiving caregiving support from one family member, and those individuals will be screened and provided approval, as appropriate.
  • The visitor restrictions for all of healthcare remain in place. This extends to no visits in the lobby between residents and family, etc.
  • These measures are necessary to protect everyone – Thank you for your understanding.

Mass Notification:

  • We have fast tracked the development of our new mass notification system, populating excel sheets with phone and email contact information for all our
    sub-groups that will need to be contacted quickly, in the event of an emergency.
  • We conducted our first successful test (with senior staff) this past Saturday morning. We are close to rolling this out for all of campus this week!

Seabury Staff:

  • We are shifting non-essential employees to work from home, including Marketing, Human Resources, IT, and Accounting. These staff members will be connected via computers and online connections, including forwarding work phones to their cell phones. Please call them (using regular extensions) and email for any questions that you might have!
  • We are working on assigning all staff to other duties (e.g. such as disinfecting many common areas) as their responsibilities change due to current protocols. Should a staff member decide not to take on new responsibilities, they will be placed on furlough temporarily and their benefits will remain in place.
  • Child Support for Staff is available to essential staff, at no cost to the employee.
  • Seabury Staff Ambassadors will be in contact via phone with all Residents for welfare checks to ensure everyone continues to be well.
  • The Executive Team and Senior Management will be on and off-site and will be scheduled for SOS.

Resident Services:

  • We believe it is prudent (given the 6 ft rule/social distancing) to close all salon and massage services until further notice.
  • Windsor Federal Bank will be closed indefinitely.
  • We must also close the fitness centers and pool to Residents, Members, and Guests.  Personal Training and Fitness assessments will also be suspended.
  • Please note that public restaurants will be closing as of 8 PM tonight as required by the Governor. All to-go orders from outside restaurants will be delivered to the Main Entrance and Security will call you to pick it up.
  • 4 half-hour times for to-go meal pick-up will go into service in the Bistro tomorrow 3/17 to limit the number of residents congregating at one time. The following time frames should be adhered to as much as possible (11:30am – 12pm – West Wing) (12:00pm – 12:30pm East Wing) 12:30pm – 1:00pm – South Wing) (1:00pm – 1:30pm – Cottages and Villas). Again, please adhere to the six foot rule to distance yourself from each other.
  • The Marketplace will continue to be open for additional grocery items during this time.
  • If you require additional assistance with food pick up, please contact the Culinary Dept. at X 6060.
  • Packages, prescriptions, newspapers, grocery delivery services and restaurants to go orders must all come through the main entrance and will be picked-up at the main desk.
  • Thank you to those who agreed to give-up housekeeping-we will not be going into any apartments.
  • Remember: A walk outside will go a long way for your physical and emotional health! The fitness team will be rolling out a walking program today. Look to 918 and the Resident Portal see more details.

Healthcare Updates and Staff Screening:

  • We are following the CDC guidelines and CMS (Centers of Medicaid and Medicare Centers) – restricting visitation of all visitors and non-essential health care personnel, except for certain situations, such as end-of-life support. This extends to no visits in the lobby between residents and family, etc.
  • Cancelling communal dining and all group activities for SNF, Views, and the Meadows.
  • Screening all staff at the beginning of their shift for fever and respiratory symptoms. (Skilled Nursing Staff Only)
  • Rehab will be conducted in rooms, not in the rehab gym, unless needed on an individual basis.
  • Outpatient Therapy will be closed to those from the greater community.

Telehealth and Technology:

  • We are setting-up Telehealth services in a private space (exam room off the Health Services lobby), for those who are able to access i.e., Teledoc (Hartford Hospital). Please call the clinic at 860-243-6070.
  • IPads have been set-up in the Views, Meadows, and Skilled Nursing for facetime between residents and their family members.
  • Please call the Seabury Clinic for any health related questions at 860-243-6070.
  • Additionally, the State of CT set-up their phone hotline for Coronavirus at 2-1-1. The hotline is available 24-7.

Staying Safe At Home:

    The following information from the CDC is recommended to help ensure a clean, safer environment:

  • place hand sanitizer at the front door;
  • disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables and handrails;
  • increase ventilation by opening windows;
  • make sure all utensils and eating surfaces are clean;
  • and conduct yourself as if you are a risk to others.
  • Creating safe habits and routines will go a long way to creating safe and clean environments!

Thank you for your continued support and adherence to guidelines as we take measures that we believe help protect Seabury from COVID-19 exposure. Our on-going communications will be posted to Ch. 918, the portal, via the listserv, in paper-based form and through your assigned ambassadors. Please check these sources, daily. Also, please remember, you are all personally responsible for self-quarantining and protecting yourselves and your neighbors.

The Seabury Executive Team


Updated: March 11, 2020

Dear Seabury Residents, Seabury At Home Members, Families, and Employees,

Our latest communication on the COVID-19 for Seabury reflects the fact we are now seeing our first reported cases in Connecticut, and there could be more, once the state has access to more test kits and we have a better idea of the scale of our impact. As a result, we’re accelerating our emergency preparedness planning and launching a fairly aggressive prevention campaign today.

We’ve been reporting out, all along, the measures we’ve put in place in regards to reporting on travel outside the United States, stocking up on food and medications for an emergency situation, diligently following hand washing protocol, and employing extra disinfecting and cleaning procedures.

Now, we are in agreement with many of best practices being employed on a state-by-state and global level in regard to “Social distancing” and prevention. In lieu of real time testing, the following prevention tactics will be best way to limit our exposure to the virus. The following items will be in place for a minimum of two weeks and a weekly communication will be sent out via all our communication platforms.

Healthcare Visitor Restrictions:

  • Per the Connecticut Department of Public Health, we are restricting all external and internal visitors, except when a current health state (e.g. end-of-life care, hospice) is in question. Click here for State documents. We will be activating our standard infectious control protocol in all health services areas, closing all doors and adding signage. For example, the facility may allow a visitor(s) to a resident who is on hospice or end-of-life care as long as the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is used in accordance with CDC guidance documents and when the resident meets the criteria based on exposure to COVID-19.
  • We are directing all other traffic (non-health care related) coming into the main entrance, health services entrance, and Meadows entrance to sign in at the desk and complete a COVID-19 questionnaire before proceeding into the building.
  • If any visitor answers “yes” to a question on COVID-19 questionnaire, they will be asked to leave. If they are a resident, they will be directed to check in with the clinic.

Independent Living Visitor Protocol:

  • We strongly suggest residents limit visitors, especially children, and outside vendors and contractors.
  • All visitors must come in through the main entrance and follow the screening measures in place. We are reprogramming badge access to limit access to pedestrian doors, and security will no longer buzz in guests at doors outside the main entrances.

Events and Programming:

  • All outside programming will be cancelled beginning Tuesday, March 10. Events that qualify include, but are limited to: ALP, guest lecturers, Encore, religious services provided by Chaplain Jenn, musical groups, etc.
  • For all internal programming such as committee meetings, resident council, support groups, etc., we strongly suggest you consider rescheduling meetings for a later date or holding meetings via phone conferencing or emailing, etc.


  • The clinic and health services, such as out-patient rehabilitation, will remain open, with no disruption to treatments or scheduled appointments.
  • Windsor Federal Bank will remain open, but that is subject to change if Windsor Federal Bank issues a notice for their employees to work from home.
  • The Seabury Salon and Spa and A Cut Above will remain open.

Culinary Services:

  • The Main Dining Room and Bistro will be moving to a “to go” format with a limited menu beginning on Tuesday, March 10. All meals will be packaged and served from the bistro.
  • Lunch pick-up service will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and dinner pick-up service will be from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., in the Bistro.
  • The Marketplace will also be fully-stocked and open during lunch and dinner service periods.
  • We are suspending the morning coffee and tea service in the bistro parlor.
  • The Mixer Dinner scheduled for Thursday, March 19 will be postponed.
  • Now would be a good time to make sure your home pantries and refrigerator and freezers are well-stocked as well, in case of an emergency. We will overstock The Marketplace with supplies. Residents can take advantage of delivery services through Stop & Shop Pea Pod and Geissler’s Order to Go.


  • We are suspending Independent Living and At Home Member group fitness classes beginning Tuesday, March 10.
  • The Pool and Fitness center will remain open and residents and members are welcomed to use them.
  • Our fitness team will wipe down the fitness equipment three-times per day. However, please be vigilant about wiping down the equipment before and after each use.


  • Essential offsite trips such as medical appointments (unless offices require otherwise) and grocery shopping, will keep going, as planned.
  • We are going to suspend use of the bus for recreational, offsite trips, such as Hartford Symphony Orchestra Masterworks for this Friday, March 13 and Saturday, March 14 and the Lunch Bunch trip scheduled for Wednesday, March 18. We encourage residents to postpone their plans for attending events with large crowds.
  • Our drivers will be taking extra steps for sanitizing all our vehicles, again, with each use.

Guests Rooms:

We are temporarily closing the use of our guest rooms and will not accept any new bookings for the month of March. We will discuss and adjust, on a case by case basis, with all parties that have already made arrangements for visitors in March.


We are being extra vigilant with cleaning and sanitizing frequently touched objects and surfaces, as well as painting or treating various surfaces to make them more hygienic moving forward. Our housekeeping team is extending their hours and cleaning overnight, during off hours for an extra level of sanitation. In addition to the standard cleaning solutions and methods we use, Seabury is employing a Protexus Sprayer, a tool that uses an electrostatic charge that allows the droplets (a disinfection solution) to attach to the surface, rather than float in the air. This touchless technology wraps around surfaces, providing 3x more coverage and sanitation in the same amount of time as spray bottles, buckets, and rags.

Travel Protocol:

Residents who are not exhibiting any symptoms and have not traveled to any countries with a high rate of incidence.

Recommendation: The clinic staff is requiring individuals to self-isolate for 72 hours. 

 If you traveled outside CT and the United States and have not knowingly come in contact with the virus and are asymptomatic, we will follow the protocol below:

  • One’s temperature will be taken on re-entry (the clinic staff will come to you).
  • We strongly recommend that you self-isolate for 72 hours.
  • Self-monitor for symptoms over 14-days 

 If you knowingly traveled to areas reported to have the COVID-19, or believe you may have come into contact with someone that has the virus and/or you have symptoms: 

  • Seabury’s Medical director will determine the necessity to have you tested at the hospital for confirmation of COVID-19. 
  • You will be placed into quarantine for 14 days (not necessarily in your own home). 
  • Seabury will call the CDC for further instructions. The clinic staff will coordinate with local health authorities.
  • We will call your primary care physician to alert them of your status. 
  • We will call culinary to arrange for tray/meal service.

Offsite Medical Appointments:

  • We are asking residents in all levels of care and residents in independent living to cancel non-essential or elective surgeries or procedures. The nursing staff in the clinic or health care areas will make the determination as to what is essential versus non-essential.


In addition to sharing the most up-to-date information on our website, portal, Connected Living, Ch. 918 and paper-based methods, we will be using our pre-recorded “the mail is in” phone line to keep guests informed on our current COVID-19 protocol. The phone number is (860) 243-6037.

Sources for Information:

Please remember, everyone should follow the Respiratory/Cough Etiquette as described below.

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing; dispose of tissue in the nearest waste receptacle.
  • Perform often, hand hygiene (e.g., hand washing with antimicrobial soap and water, alcohol-based hand rub, or antiseptic hand-wash) after having contact with respiratory secretions and contaminated surfaces.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the health care professionals in our Clinic at 860-243-6070.

Thank you!
Renée J. Bernasconi, LNHA, MBA
President & CEO

General COVID-19 Information