National Trails Day

SEABURY, an active life care community, joined the American Hiking Society and served as a host site for National Trails Day on June 5, 2010. National Trails Day is a long-standing celebration of America’s trails system, and this year’s theme was Find Your Happy Place. A group of Seabury residents has developed their own “happy place” right on their campus, and was eager to share their experience with others.

A few years ago this group formed a “Trails Committee” and set about clearing brush, hauling debris, and performing many other arduous tasks to produce a two-mile trails system around Seabury’s 66-acre property. The committee continues to work hard in maintaining the existing trails and in creating new ones. Hosting a Seabury Trails event on National Trails Day was a great way to share their experience with others as well as celebrate ICAA’s environmental dimension of wellness.

Over the course of its 17 year history, Seabury has embraced the six dimensions of wellness (emotional, vocational, physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual) and working on the trails is a great way to encompass them all. Trails take us outdoors for recreation or education, solitude or socialization, inspiration or meditation. Trails help us to maintain good physical health by getting our hearts pumping, and being out in the sun raises our Vitamin D levels. Trails also help us to appreciate and care for the health of our environment, thereby allowing us to embrace this seventh dimension of wellness.

The trails committee had many events for National Trails Day, beginning with an early morning bird watching walk led by one of Seabury’s residents who is an avid birder. Afterwards, coffee and fresh fruit were available for everyone to enjoy. Volunteers then led the way on a series of walks ranging in levels of difficulty. There was a four-wheel drive golf cart available for individuals with physical limitations, so that they, too, had the opportunity to experience the beauty of the trails.

Once the hikes and trail tours were completed, there were other opportunities to experience the outdoors. Seabury’s Resident Community Garden Manager and Master Gardener gave tours of the gardens and answered questions about flora found along the trails. She also spoke on how to grow a successful organic garden. Another resident discussed wildlife seen along the trails. There was a “trail-mix” making station so everyone had their own version to take on their next hike, and a fitness instructor demonstrated the proper use of walking with Nordic Poles. Finally, the day ended with some friendly competition as residents and guests participated in a “back-pack relay.”

Seabury’s celebration of National Trails Day — Find Your Happy Place

  • Recognized the hard work and dedication of the trails committee
  • Introduced a new group of residents and their families to the beauty of the trails
  • Fostered an appreciation of the local flora and fauna
  • Instilled a greater respect for the environment
  • Offered a new experience and integration of all seven dimensions of wellness


We are committed to meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the people we serve by providing services, accommodations, and resources that will assure the highest quality of life for residents, clients and employees through a philosophy of "Wellness, Compassion and Assistance." We are committed to enabling people to lead their lives fully with dignity and joy by the use of resources available to us according to the highest level of good stewardship. We shall make every effort to furnish financial assistance when needed to assure use of our facilities and services. We are committed to carrying out our purpose, by fully accepting God's love and all that means both for us and all whom we serve.