Seabury At Home Continues to Grow

As an extension of Seabury’s mission to provide a continuum of life care choices and to provide for area residents who wish to remain in their home as they age, Seabury At Home, the first home based life-care program in the state of Connecticut, is a resounding success.
“The driving force for Seabury At Home is to expand the Seabury Mission and offer services for future care that are more affordable to the surrounding community,” says Pamela Klapproth, Vice president, Community Outreach Services. People are choosing to enroll in Seabury At Home, she adds, “…because of the life style support that the program provides.”
It is intended to help healthy and active people, sixty years of age or older, embrace, maintain or enhance their own quality of life, while also protecting their financial assets. “They know, for future peace of mind for themselves and their family, they have a Personal Health Coordinator (PHC) who will coordinate care, be their advocate and is the point person for anything they may have questions or concerns about while remaining at home. They know that they are protected for future care and that we are going to be the providers and deliver the excellent service that Seabury is known for.”
Financial peace of mind, in fact, is a very big reason why people are being so particular in planning their future care choices, according to Cindy Harrigan, PHC. “A lot of people in this day and age have children who live out of state. We hear members say, not only is this their peace of mind, but it’s a gift to their children because they’ve got a local advocate who can act on their behalf in the absence of an adult child or in collaboration with out of state children. Members get a team of support, someone to help strategize.”
Klapproth concludes that Seabury At Home is growing at a rapid pace, despite the economic recession that had many CCRC’s in a holding pattern. She points to a personal approach, combined with Seabury’s stellar reputation, as the foundation of the At Home program.
“We have found that our program has provided a lot of strength and support for people to age in place or just to maintain their lifestyle.”

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