Life Span & Human Development

Emily Lauder, Director of Operations and Services for Seabury Meadows, has been collaborating on a project with Bloomfield High School. Students taking the Life Span & Human Development class receive college credit and the academic year long class is taught by UConn Adjunct faculty.
The purpose of the class according to Lauder, is to study the process of development, both physiological and psychological, and how a human being changes from birth to death. Lauder’s involvement has been as a site supervisor and guest lecturer. “I review age related changes, which include dementia. The students come to Seabury meadows to enhance what they learn in curriculum.” A requirement of the course, says Lauder, is interactive internships, offering students the chance to spend time working in elementary schools and Seabury Meadows, a memory support assisted living facility.
It’s an outstanding opportunity for aspiring students searching for a possible career path. “My words of advice to them (her students) are that health care is a very evolving field. The students do ‘job follows’ with Seabury Staff. I get a resume from the students, find out what their aspirations are and pair them up with the appropriate staff member at Seabury. That experience allows them the opportunity to learn more about the job field.”
For Lauder, the best part about it is twofold, she concludes of her involvement with the students. “It’s enhancing what they learn in the curriculum, and the experience helps them learn more about older people. There are not a lot of young people learning about the process of aging and how they can enhance an older person’s life.” Both Seabury and Emily Lauder are proud to be working with young students and possible having an influence on their career choices.

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