Maestro David Dworkin, retired conductor and founder of the exercise program “Conductorcise,” recently delighted a standing room only crowd with his educational and entertaining program in Seabury’s Heritage Hall. In addition, he led a group of Seabury employees through a training process, and as a result we now have six certified “Conductors” on our campus.

Mr. Dworkin, a Juilliard graduate, began his career as a clarinetist, serving as Principal Clarinetist of the American Symphony Orchestra under its legendary founding Music Director, Leopold Stokowski. He later performed for many years with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and went on to become the lead conductor for the American Symphony Orchestra. Now retired, Mr. Dworkin brings his musical expertise, infectious enthusiasm, and passion for fitness to others.

In Conductorcise, the participant uses a “baton” (we used chopsticks at Seabury) and is led through a series of musical and physical instructions. With feet stomping and arms waving, the participant gets an aerobic workout while learning about the intricacies of a Beethoven symphony, the depth of Mozart’s work, or the rhythms of a Strauss waltz.

The hour long program left residents feeling energized and exercised, but more importantly, joyous. Smiles were ear to ear from the most active independent residents to those requiring a bit more care. The beauty of Mr. Dworkin’s program is that all age and ability levels can benefit from participating. It is no wonder the International Council on Active Aging named Conductorcise as one of North America’s “most innovative active aging” programs, and that older adult communities across the country are eager to offer it at their facilities.

Seabury now leads Conductorcise classes in Independent and Assisted Living, in our Memory Support Center, and even in our Skilled Nursing Facility. In doing so, Seabury continues to uphold its tradition of providing the highest quality of life to the people we serve by keeping informed of and practicing the most up-to-date information on aging successfully.

We are committed to meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the people we serve by providing services, accommodations, and resources that will assure the highest quality of life for residents, clients and employees through a philosophy of "Wellness, Compassion and Assistance." We are committed to enabling people to lead their lives fully with dignity and joy by the use of resources available to us according to the highest level of good stewardship. We shall make every effort to furnish financial assistance when needed to assure use of our facilities and services. We are committed to carrying out our purpose, by fully accepting God's love and all that means both for us and all whom we serve.