Active Independent Life Care


What is Life Care at Seabury?

As an Active Life Plan Community, Seabury provides an independent lifestyle in gracious residences with an emphasis on Wellness for Life and the security of future long-term care at no additional nursing care cost.

How does one qualify for Life Care at Seabury?

In order to qualify for Life Care, you must be well and active and pass a medical evaluation by Seabury's Medical Director. A financial evaluation is also part of the application process. Seabury's admissions committee reviews the medical and financial information and makes the final determination of acceptance status.

Why have so many chosen Seabury as their home?

Seabury's strong commitment to its mission, reputation, financial stability, quality of life and emphasis on wellness and an active lifestyle are just some of the many reasons people have chosen Seabury as their home.

When is the best time to become a member of Seabury?

We would tell you that the best time is while you are young enough to have a very vital life at Seabury and time to enjoy it with other members of the community.

What programs does Seabury offer to keep me well and active?

Seabury offers its residents rich cultural and intellectual opportunities, including college-level courses, guest lectures, concerts, theater, book discussions, Great Decisions group, Exercise Your Mind courses, serving on Resident Council committees, intergenerational programs, bridge, and volunteer experiences. These are just some of the many programs residents enjoy. . . so much to do that one has to make choices! Seabury's Wellness Complex provides residents with the optimum level of beneficial exercise and physical activity. It offers a stunning pool and spa with outside terrace and a state-of-the art Fitness Center with exercise studio as well as a Massage Therapy Suite.


We are committed to meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the people we serve by providing services, accommodations, and resources that will assure the highest quality of life for residents, clients and employees through a philosophy of "Wellness, Compassion and Assistance." We are committed to enabling people to lead their lives fully with dignity and joy by the use of resources available to us according to the highest level of good stewardship. We shall make every effort to furnish financial assistance when needed to assure use of our facilities and services. We are committed to carrying out our purpose, by fully accepting God's love and all that means both for us and all whom we serve.