Seabury Charitable Foundation



Seabury is a charitable and religious organization that provides housing, healthcare and financial assistance to many retired and disabled clergy and Connecticut seniors. To date, the Seabury Charitable Foundation/CHHI has donated over $2.1 million in assistance to those who would otherwise be unable to live at Seabury. For information on Seabury's Religious and Charitable background click here. 
The Seabury Charitable Foundation actively solicits and administers philanthropic gifts to support charitable services for older people provided through Seabury, Seabury Health Center, Seabury Assisted Living Services, Seabury Home Care, and Seabury Meadows. Seabury Charitable Foundation established a permanent endowment in 1996, and uses a portion of the income generated to fund programs and services benefiting individuals 60 and over, both on the Seabury campus and in surrounding communities. Other income is reinvested in the endowment to support future needs. Seabury Charitable Foundation funds are used to help meet the physical, social, financial, and spiritual needs of older people participating in Seabury health care services. Older people in need of housing and health care who may not have sufficient funds may benefit, as well as Seabury residents who may have exhausted their resources through no fault of their own.

Our mission:

  • Promote the overall welfare and enhance the quality of life of persons served by Church Home of Hartford Incorporated (CHHI)/Seabury and any affiliated entity, including Seabury Memory Care Center, Inc (SMCCI).
  • Solicit, receive and accept public and private gifts, grants and other funds in furtherance of the charitable purposes and mission of CHHI/Seabury and/or SMCCI.
  • Make every effort to furnish financial assistance when needed to enable the people served by CHHI/Seabury or SMCCI to become or remain a resident of CHHI/Seabury or SMCCI facility.
  • Promote education, enhance communication and develop innovative programs to maintain a high quality of life, and promote a diverse population of older people served by CHHI/Seabury or SMCCI.
  • Assist CHHI/Seabury and SMCCI with the development, acquisition, improvement and support of residential and health care facilities.


Gifts to the Seabury Charitable Foundation can be contributed in many ways:

  • Gift of cash.
  • Trusts that pay you a specified income for life.
  • Gifts of appreciated securities.
  • Gifts of property, such as real estate, works of art, and automobiles.
  • Designation of the Foundation as owner/beneficiary of life insurance policy.
  • Donation of qualified retirement plan assets (IRA, 401 K).
  • An annuity contract in which you are assured fixed income for life.
  • In Memoriam or In Honor gifts by will.

 To  Download Gift Donation Form click here.  

For more information regarding the Seabury Charitable Foundation, please contact: Pegeen Sullivan, VP of Community Life, /860.243.6026 

We are committed to meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the people we serve by providing services, accommodations, and resources that will assure the highest quality of life for residents, clients and employees through a philosophy of "Wellness, Compassion and Assistance." We are committed to enabling people to lead their lives fully with dignity and joy by the use of resources available to us according to the highest level of good stewardship. We shall make every effort to furnish financial assistance when needed to assure use of our facilities and services. We are committed to carrying out our purpose, by fully accepting God's love and all that means both for us and all whom we serve.